Why they ran away from Hard Top masts:
Was it from performance reasons og durability reasons - or both?

"... the goal with the new masts has 100% been to gain durability, in every type. to do this required some engineering changes and addition of materials..."

Barry Spanier, Maui Sails.

From the Maui Sails Forum.

"We have developed some new masts  called the "Race 100K" for 2014, which have some improvements in bend curve and durability."


Artur Szpunar, Maui Sails.

From the Maui Sails Forum.

"Das Problem für mich waren die Gaastra-Masten, die eine andere Biegekurve hatten, sie haben eine weichere Base. Da man aber Masten nicht so schnell ändern kann ..."

Peter Munzlinger, when he was a relatively new designer for Gaastra Sails (now GA Sails).
From "surf" magazine No. 3, 2012.

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